Christmas tree cutting 2014

We make an event of bringing home the tree.
We look each one over carefully. 
Our littlest cowboy loves this tradition and is becoming a master at choosing!

And let's face it -- since we barely finished our TV project in time to get a tree up...I was less OCD about the whole thing than usual.

Each year we've had our tree in a different location, so we are always looking for a different size. 

He was thrilled that this year his tree won the vote!

He also had to teach this tradition to his big brother. This is his FIRST time ever cutting a tree down.

This Texas boy's only comment was -- 'it's kind of cold'

After last year's lesson he had the cutting mastered.

Little brother supervising...

Wait for it...

They've got this.

Kind of nice really.

We'll just walk back here behind you.

Taking photos...

...and maybe holding hands.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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