Give what it's worth

Little cowboy and I have ventured out on a quick - 
stop the madness - we go back to school next week - roadtrip. 

How can we not stop? 
We are back in that moment when wifi and apple pay are still uninvented. 

The fresh foods of harvest lay on tables waiting for us to pick what we wish. 

A simple sign says "take what you wish and give what it's worth to you"

At this point I want to launch into video blogger mode and film my two cents worth on the spot...but then I've stolen the moment. 

So maybe I just ponder on that for a few minutes. 
"Give what it's worth to you."

Not what someone wants. 
Not what I feel like I should. 
Not what some book (or blog) says. 

But what it's worth. Give. 

Jesus gave what it was worth to Him. 

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing. 

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