Rest is NOT a four letter word

Growing up and truthfully most of my adulthood has been spent thinking rest is a waste of time or for the weak or less determined.

Truth: I find it difficult to relax.

What I've been discovering is so well put by another blogger that I've followed for years.

Truth: I crave rest.

This year our children seemed not so thrilled by getting out and about (other than for ice cream and swimming).

Truth: The more we stayed home and lingered in the yard or played maddening long games of UNO the happier they were.

When our children were young they loved to get out and do something. As they get older and the world starts to pressure them with devices and schedules and expectations, they also crave rest.

Truth: I've been missing out my whole life confusing relaxation and rest.

So....this blog post on recreation and rest was so great for helping shape up my perspective. Enjoy!

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