A light of hope in the hallway

We have a long narrow hall down to the children's bedrooms. You don't see this a lot in newly built homes and some would consider it dated, but it is one of the reasons we bought our house. 

Primarily because OUR bedroom is NOT at the end of that hall.

It's great for the kids in many ways. Their doors are all so close together that even if sent to their rooms they can still conspire and chat and torment. 
There's no secret keeping as the doors are not soundproof by any means. 

And perhaps most importantly -- you can start at the other end of the house by the office and sprint through the kitchen to slide down the hall working on form and creativity as if it's an Olympic sport. Recently the boys have changed it in to a sort of bull fighting sport waving beach towels and shouting 'Ole!! to the runner charging in. Why do we take them to the rodeo?

This window frame was leftover from the Farmhouse Market sale. I thought it would break up the length of the hall by adding a little dimension. And...for those curious the far right of the photo gives you a view of the runway they use to get up speed for the aforementioned sporting events.

The collage frames are my very favorite birthday present ever. My dad put these old family photos that I didn't even know existed into frames. The photo of my grandmother above is my very favorite. I was called "Little Wanda" so much of my life because they say I looked like her. This was a roadside stop on a road trip they were on. It's timeless.

And this Cowgirl thing -- well it's not really a phase. I came by it honest. Before my grandfather squandered away all the money my family had a large farm and draft horse business.

You may have noticed this unique light fixture in the first picture.
It happened sort of randomly. At a shop I saw three of these wire basket like things on the wall. It took a few minutes for me to realize they were old lamp shades. Right now the other two are nestled into an industrial looking laundry basket that makes me feel better about dirty socks. But, this one had a life to be lived as a light fixture. 

When cowboy was installing it the fixture which I happened to have laying around didn't cover the whole for the box in the ceiling. I truly just grabbed the pie pan from a shelf in the kitchen and the idea was born. I like it when things like this happen on accident.

Side note: For those of you distracted by the ceiling. It's not quite a popcorn ceiling --
 it's like one notch above it. so be nice.

This little gallery wall won't mean much to the rest of the world, but you can imagine what it does for this mama's heart. Soon I will need to face reality and start adding in their senior pictures.

And for those young mama's out there wondering why on earth I let my kids use the hallway for bullfighting runway stunts --- here's my prayer. It goes SO fast. 

 I still want to plank the ceiling, shiplap up to 3'on the walls and put up cedar trim that better matches the rest of the house, but for now the light makes me smile.

I hope it makes you smile too.

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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