7 Quick Fixes to Love Your Home More

You've heard "Love the Skin You're In." The same goes for your home.
Love the home you're in. Now. As is.

Whether it's a 1 bedroom studio, a rambling ranch, a fixer upper, or the home you've always dreamed of --- love it. Today. Here are a few tricks that help me L-O-ve our DIY home a little more...

Bring the outdoors in.
Splurge on a little bouquet of flowers if you live in the cold tundra or 
very SOON we will be able to go outside a bring a little nature inside.

Pamper your home EVERY day. Don't wait for company.
Add the warm glow of a candle for no reason at all. 

There's no doubt that we all are looking to SIMPLIFY.
Life. stuff. relationships. 
Posts about beating clutter are by far the most popular but I know that we each
have something we L-O-ve to collect. 
Gather up that collection and just enjoy it.

Get comfy. Fluff a pillow or two and not just for looks.
Use the pillow. Make your home a place of rest.

Gather up some good reads and keep them near a comfy reading chair.

Turn a lamp on. I'm just catching on to this.
Maybe I'm getting old?
The warmth of lamp light just makes everything feel more relaxed.

Find a place for something that makes you smile.
Maybe it's a saying, maybe it's a souvenir from a trip, or maybe it's something that doesn't totally go but you just L-O-ve it. It's a home for YOU so just do it!

Would love to know what you do to love your home...
Leave a comment or follow me on Instagram and I'll follow you back!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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