Vintage Studio Open House

past tense: reclaimed; past participle: reclaimed
  1. 1
    retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid); obtain the return of

    I've been eager to share some pics from our FIRST ever Open House of R7 Reclaimed Vintage Studio. This also gives me a great chance to tell you who we are, what we do, and WHY we do it.

    I made up my mind to get this done this week and then what do you know -- it's also the topic for "SHOW US YOUR LIFE" from Kelly's Korner. She was truly my very first blog crush. And what I love about her even more -- even though she has a HUGE following to her blog --she's stayed faithful to who she is. She's never trying to sell a lifestyle, or a product -- she's just sharing her family and faith. That's also my commitment around here. We are real people. Real life struggles. Real family. Real faith. 

    So pull up a seat here in the studio and we can talk about this idea of "Reclaimed"

    When I decided to take my hobby on the road I wasn't concerned about a name. Then the idea of the Reclaimed Studio was born. I wanted not only a place to feature vintage and reclaimed items, but a place that I could be inspired to spend more time writing. 

    Sometimes that writing is just about family funnies and tips for taming the chaos and clutter.
    But, in the deepest places of my heart are mountains of pages asking to be written. 
    They share the same theme as the shop.

    We are a "Reclaimed" Family. 
    We like to fix up old houses and furniture -- true. 
    But we also  love to reclaim old friendships, traditions, values.
    Even our family wasn't "born" and "grown" with us -- it was chosen.

    We choose to love each other even though we come with a world of flaws and misconceptions.
    (All marriages have that -- second marriages tend to get a double dose)

    We choose to love our children. 
    Every day we have to make the choice whether to think yours and mine, his or hers; or to choose "ours."
    Some days that is the most natural thing in the world and in other times it's the most complex.

    In all times -- Reclaimed isn't something we invented or teach.
    It's something we follow.

    We are adopted into God's family through the Reclaiming sacrifice of Jesus.
    Ultimately that is why we live Reclaimed every day.

    Our family was broken. Hearts broken.
    But all things can be Reclaimed.

    We struggle...we mess up --
    but we try with our family to gather round the table and Reclaim the mess.

    So here we are. 
    Each day trying to live like we've been Reclaimed.

    Some days that works out beautifully...

    Other days you want to pack your bags and quit the journey.

    But on those days we are reminded that Reclaiming doesn't come without some dirt, some blisters, sore muscles, and sweat. Reclaimed things show some wear and tear.

    But Reclaimed things also have a story to tell and mean more.

    So the Reclaimed Studio is just one more way of telling the story.

    Thanks for "stopping by"
    We hope to bring a little smiles, sunshine, and hope to your day.

    If you see something you want or are looking for that something special --- we can SHIP to you!!

    From R7 to you --
    Be a blessing.


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