Love. Purpose. Story.

From time to time people ask, "What is R7?"
R7 symbolizes many things like our land, our name, and our family,  
but what it really represents is a Dream. a Belief. a Hope.

While we were dating, Cowboy took me to an abandoned home in the country and told me how he dreamed of someday finding a place like that and making it a home. Right then, in a house we probably weren't supposed to be in with a terrible odor lingering and broken shards of glass all around, we made a commitment. Although we didn't know when, where or how, we promised that if we were ever blessed with a home like that, we would use it to give back and bless others.

I think that's the real meaning of the word hospitality. 
Using whatever home God has given you to invite others into a place of welcome rest.
It doesn't matter if you live in a hut with a dirt floor, a family sized home with subfloors (I may be speaking from experience on that) or in a mansion set on a perfect hillside.

We can all open our doors and say come in.

So when I received a call asking if we would be interested in hosting a group of teen girls and their moms at the Vintage Studio and speaking to them. I said absolutely --YES! 

Although the weather was hot to start the evening, popsicles and lemonade kept the heat bearable so that photos could be taken in the photo booth, horses could be rode, and they could enjoy the treasures of our vintage studio.

And then the evening cooled, the lanterns came on and we settled in for a time of sharing.


It's what we do with our Vintage studio, but it's also how we live.
I had three words that I wanted them to remember when they think of reclaiming whether that's reclaiming an old metal pan from the garbage, furniture from their favorite thrift store, 
or restoring friendships, their families or love.

Love. Purpose. Story.

Each piece that I choose to haul home is because I love it! 
I can't ever predict what I will love about something. It might be its angles and lines. It might be its curves and odd shape. It might be its dents and scratches, but there must be an attraction!

We must remember that God looks at us with the same gleaming eye. He loves us.
He knows every single flaw we have and He not only loves us anyway but chooses us!
“For we know...loved by God, that he has chosen you…" 1 Thessalonians 1:4

This love and desire He has for us isn't the kind of love that just wants to own something and put it on a shelf for safe-keeping to make sure we are never scratched or dented. 
No...He wants to use us for a purpose.

We will enjoy the treasures we bring home every single day if we find a purpose for them. 
Rather than how can this add to my collection...ask how can this add to my home? to my life? 
Where can it inspire me or help me in some way?
And then ask what about me?
"But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purpose of his heart through all generations" Ps. 33:11

Purpose changes with the season. The same antique bowl that serves cold refreshing watermelon in the heat of summer offers warm pine branches to make the home more festive in the middle of winter.

Our purpose changes many times in our seasons of life,
with each season and its purposes leaving behind it marks. 
Literally -- leaving behind marks...can I get an amen??

But each line in the wood, each dent and scratch on our treasures and in our lives tells the story of where we've been and how God has used us in each season.

So fill your home and fill your life with three things.
Love. Purpose. Stories.

After our time of chatting, we headed into the kitchen (and air conditioning!) to enjoy s'mores ice cream sundaes (too hot for a campfire!) 

and a tour of our R7 home (well what's done so far!)

I enjoy speaking to and hosting groups of all ages, so if I can join you at an event or if you would like to bring a group here to R7 I would love to hear from you!

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and request small group #82 to join me!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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julycrab13 said...

The girls and their mothers had a wonderful time! I was told that was the most fun activity we've done in a long time. I hope the moms come back to shop often. Thanks for a lovely evening!!

Debbie Slaughter said...

I love how you pointed out that even objects have different seasons. I think one of the most important messages we can give younger folks is that nothing is forever. They want all the good and great things right now, but God has to take us through seasons, in order to teach us and grow us.

Beautiful post!

Tenneil at R7 said...

I'm so glad they had a great time! We are blessed to share...

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