Uninvited: The Assignment of Loneliness

One of the very special parts of my recent trip to She Speaks was hearing Lysa TerKeurst's first message from her new book Uninvited. She poured her soul out to us and the whispers of "me too" could be felt all through the room. 

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I remember the first time I spoke of it. As a young teenager I contemplated how a girl like me with a big smile, good grades and often surrounded by friends could feel so lost - disconnected from the crowd and longing for the close friendships it seemed so many others enjoyed. What was wrong with me?

In sharing my struggle with a counselor and mentor she encouraged me that maybe God had a plan for my life that would make this time useful. She proposed that perhaps one day I would be a preacher's wife and need to be content with many friends but not find those close and thriving friendships I was craving. I began to accept that feeling of loneliness as God’s will for me.

Through my teen years, my parents once thriving marriage crumbled, and I looked for anything to fill the void. I entered a marriage of my own fresh out of high school and accepted that even in marriage, loneliness was my lot.

God did have plan. He did want to use my lonely feelings. But, if you know my Cowboy, it was not for me to be a preacher’s wife! Loneliness was not some special assignment from God. No. We all feel desperate for relationship, connection and love. Those feelings of longing and wanting are part of His plan to draw us to Him. His will and was for me to fall deeply and completely in love with Him because He first loved me. He made me to want. He wants me to find that life giving fulfilling friendship with Him.

I had the privilege this year of attending She Speaks. While I was there I was challenged to ask others to describe me in one word. The words came pouring in and I was astounded by the encouraging words and then I saw it. My Sunday school teacher from high school wrote one word.


Tears poured down my cheeks. As I sat among hundreds and hundreds of women in a beautiful setting, taking in the best teaching and worshipping with incredible music and sincerity, there it was -- one simple comment. Loved.

That’s His will for our loneliness and rejection and hurts. To be loved by the only One who can fill our love cups and heal our hearts.

 As a Proverbs 31 volunteer I knew I would soon receive the #Uninvited book, but I couldn’t wait to dive in and start reading on the plane home.
“Live from the abundant place that you are loved, and you won’t find yourself begging others for scraps of love”

So I invite you to join me this fall as I reread the #Uninvitedbook and unwrap this truth. 
"Even when you're overlooked by others, your are handpicked by God." - Lysa TerKeurst

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From R7 to  you --
Be a blessing.

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Debbie Slaughter said...

I've got this book on my wishlist :) I love the easy way Lysa relates to us in her writing.

Years ago I decided I was going to say encouraging words to those I love, rather than passing up opportunities to speak life to them. When I feel impressed to encourage or compliment someone, I do it, because I know how good it feels to really know how people feel about us.

And, I've lost enough people to know that time is never a guarantee that you'll get a chance to say all of those things.

Blessings to you :) I love visiting your blog and seeing your posts on IG.

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