Five Dollar Flower Fixer

Ok…so here it is…

Five dollars.
Five minutes.
Five questions.
Five plants.
Five days.

I L-O-ve container gardening or if you want to be simple about it…I L-O-ve pretty pots!

I wish I had time to go all around town just volunteering to fill up people pots with luscious, gorgeous, fillings!!!

If you’ve read even a bit about me…you know that I would do it if I could…but here’s the next best thing.

Holidays 2009 063

Follow these five steps…

1) Send me an email (

Subject: Flower Fixer

2) Pay $5 through my etsy shop.

3) I will send 5 questions to your email. (Include a pic with your question responses if you would like)

4) I will respond with customized recipe plans for your container within 5 days

It will include:

> Design layout and planting instructions

> Full color photos of the 5 plants in your custom design

> Approximate cost of the suggested plants

> Tips for planting and care for your custom plants

5) Buy plants at your local garden center and…get your HANDS DIRTY – IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!!

A few notes…

- If you are not happy with what you get for your 5 bucks…I’ll refund it…I’m not trying to get rich…just sharing my L-O-ve for flowers!!

- If you would be so kind to leave feedback in the store or here in a comment…I would be very grateful!!

- I can do similar plans for vegetable gardens, flower beds, multiple containers or landscaping…just ask…

- If you live local and can’t stand dirty hands…well…if you throw in a few chocolate chip cookies…I’m pretty inexpensive labor!

- If you live in a far away exotic, warm place…if you throw in travel expenses…I’ll throw in labor free! :)

I’ll stop now with the bad jokes, but the first three people to send me the email…will get FLOWER FIXER FOR FREE!


Jennifer said...

Yes, God is in control! Nice to meet you! Thanks for your verse of the day too, God's love letter to us...I love dirty hands and gardening!!

Blessings...Jennifer aka Gigi

Diane said...

Beautiful garden pictures, I need to get outside to my gardens and get some color planted. Hugs, Diane

Amy said...

You'll be hearing from me very soon! My "yard" needs help in every sense of the word! I saw the prettiest aqua planters at TJMaxx, would that be crazy? Is it better to stick with "garden" colors?

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

Interesting you bring this up Amy because I just saw those pots yesterday. BUY THEM!!! Buy them now -- well in the morning:)

Aqua does present a challenge for florists and garden centers because we can't really grow anything in that shade...but the container is the perfect way to bring it in!!

The key will be monochromatic schemes in the pots! Send me the 5 questions so you can get a "freebie"! I'd just do it, but I don't know sun/shade...

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