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I hope that you are as excited to see my flea market finds from opening weekend of Kane County flea market as I am to show you!! I will likely post on Sunday to participate in Monday’s Thrifty Finds at Southern Hospitality.

In the meantime…I want to tell you about the coolest thing I found at Kane County…Flower show & Kane County 008

It was near the end of the day…actually only about twenty minutes left. Our hands were full and our stroller was loaded down to capacity and missing the kid!! Flower show & Kane County 022

We traded him for all this cool stuff!! Flower show & Kane County 047

(Of course I’m kidding…my wonderful brother-in-law played Hot Wheels for 5 hours so we could have this adventure!) I love you Russ, and I will remember you when I’m famous!! –i mean infamous…

Flower show & Kane County 112

Many vendors were closing down - when I was allured to the next booth by the colors of aqua and shabby white!! (FYI…this year’s ‘official’ hot color for fashion & home decor)

What I discovered there though was even cooler than this stuff…

I noticed the back of the design was signed, so I asked the vendor if she was the artist…she kindly said yes…and I started firing questions like the poor lady was under interrogation!

Through our interrogation…I mean conversation…I found out that she dedicated her life to happily making a home and raising her 3 children and just started this venture only 2 months ago!! After listening to me ramble about etsy, Shalom’s cottage home, The Green Thumbers, Austin, and my philosophies on life…we exchanged ‘cards’ (mine was just my name scribbled on something – sassy!)

I walked away pleased with my new finds and wondering why I give people the gift of talking about “that crazy lady” the rest of the day!

To my delight…when I got in tonight…I had an email with subject line…"Crazy at Kane County” --- Hey – that’s ME!!!

She nailed me for crazy, but she had a hint I was a Christian also…so she found my blog. Isn’t it wonderful the family we find in our Friend!

Proverbs 18:24

PS…I hope to bring you more features about my friend of the Friend sometime in the future:)

Blessings to all who share in our Lord’s wonderful L-O-V-E!


Amy said...

How fun! I am not surprised that you found lots of goodies AND made friends! Can't wait to hear more about both!

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

How fun!

alice said...

I do love making new friends! Looks and sounded like you had a great day with Sister!
smiles, alice

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