Ode’ to the Porch!

SPRING has sprung!!! We do not refer to the calendar, the growing season, or even officially to the weather to know when spring has arrived here in the northern tundra…

When we can eat on the porch (3 season) --- SPRING IS HERE!!! We had our first meal of the season there today…I was so glad that I had a chance to clean up the mess that I revealed to you in “Glimpses of Home”

…so while still a work in progress…it offers a bit of redemption…Flower show & Kane County 135

This picture may seem a bit busy still to some, but check out everything that we do in this 10X12 area…we quite literally could live there!! As soon as I make room for a bed…I promise I will sleep there too!

Starting at lower left and going around the room clockwise…

Launch Pad:

If you’ve read my blog more than just once…you know that red igloo is an important part of our home…This is literally just inside the back door, so it’s ready to head out with my hard-working man at 4am! The little basket on the shelf gives a place to keep drinks for a quick grab and go…

Potting Table:

I just added this by shopping my extra bedroom. It is especially helpful this time of year for starting seeds and potting. It can double as a buffet since the porch is right off the kitchen!

Cozy chair:

These are my most recent thrift find…my other chairs were also vintage and looked good but these are more comfy and a little richer…uh-oh…am I getting too fancy??? There is actually room on either side of the chair to add a plant or maybe shift things and add a coat rack…


This is what I really consider the potting bench…because of it’s look, but I use it to keep a few “pretties” on top…stash gardening tools, pencils, sunscreen and anything else that lands in there until I declutter (again). The open shelves are great for toys and books.

Curl up Bench:

This was previously where the potting table is…originally I thought it would be a place where we would sit to take off shoes, but we seem to just pile things on it…I think it will be clear more often for reading! And…now visitors with babies can use it as a diaper changing station…because we are d-o-n-e with that! More about the bench…click here.

Seat for a friend:
2nd of the two super comfy, rich chairs…one for you and one for me…

Picnic Table:

More than one person has suggested ditching the picnic table for a round patio table…that would be much too ‘rich’ for me!! ha. I could go on and on…but it provides extra seating for joining the circle of chatting when other seats are occupied…it fits 8-10 people for devouring yummy meals…and it gives me a vintage, warm fuzzy that I can’t live without!!

Shoes off Spot:

The bench is great for removing shoes or setting things down to free up a hand…the shoes also line neatly under the bench…out of sight…and ready for the next departure.

Kid Table:

If you have kids…I do not have to tell you why you need a place at their level and a place to put your feet up when they go to bed! I will likely paint it, but until the grass grows…the green is kind of a nice substitute!

Almost every item on the porch is thrift or vintage, but I did just add a couple of IKEA items from my Chicago adventure that I wanted to tell you about…Flower show & Kane County 139 Flower show & Kane County 138 This great little basket folds to a flat tote or opens to a 12X12X15” basket!!

The other is the paper roll on the picnic tableFlower show & Kane County 131Flower show & Kane County 130

It will make clean up after a meal as easy as a restaurant!!

Flower show & Kane County 132

The first masterpiece off the roll --- It is a RACETRACK of course!!!

I still need to tweak some color schemes and play with accessories, but for the first day of the season…we L-O-ve our porch!

Where’s the “porch” of your home?


Amy said...

So cozy, love it! Great idea for the paper roll!

vawriter said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. As it turns out, you love all the same good stuff I do, so of course I have to follow.

Creations By Cindy said...

What an awesome place you have there! Looks like you have a little bit of heaven here on earth! Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing. Cindy

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Oh, Wish I has a porch, yours is beautiful! The paper rolling thing is awesome.

Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

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