Salvaging me

So I looked up salvage today in the dictionary and basically all of it's old meanings have to do with salvaging from a ship! Even more appropriate for my thoughts because I feel like my ship was shot at over the weekend, and I wasn't sure if it was friendly fire or not:)
I had an opportunity randomly thrown in my lap to teach which is what I expect to do someday, since I am in my last year of finishing my teaching degree. At first, I was so very excited! Then as the list of pros and cons were laid out...things didn't seem so sublime.
I find it difficult to make decisions about the little things like what to have for supper. Decisions about the big things are just plain bothersome to me! I didn't want to miss the opportunity if its what God was putting before me, but it also seemed inconsistent that God's plan would mean forsaking my family plan for now.

In the intro to my blog I mention that I often feel like I'm on a carousel. Teaching seems like a logical way to jump off of a spinning circus ride.

Well, guess what...carousels make me dizzy sometimes, but I love carousels! Look at a kids face riding a carousel, listen to the music...who doesn't want to go for a ride?!

So, I think maybe the salvaging God was doing was on my perspective and my attitude. I think he was stripping me down to make sure that I was real. Do I really love what I'm doing now? It may not feel like it on days that the carousel gets to spinning too fast, but YES. I L-O-ve the ride I'm on!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Love your use of the dictionary! ;)
Please don't get off the carousel! We would so miss your crazy life!

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