DIY: Butcher block island with dishwasher

On a cold wintry morning here in the Midwest, an island brings to mind sand and sun and other tropical dreams, but this is a little more simple than that.

Step one to getting a dishwasher -- refuse to do the dishes until you get one.

Yep -- I just showed you our dirty dishes.

When we put in our floors we cut out a hole  where we knew we wanted an island dishwasher. (DIY'ers live with things like holes in their floors.) While we had the basement ceiling torn apart, we -- ok who am I kidding -- Cowboy ran the plumbing from the sink over to our whole in the floor.

Then when we had time we put in our Craigslist dishwasher. (I'm holding out for a whole set).

Here is the shut off valve for the water source, the drain pipe (before it was cut off) and the electric. We built a raised frame because we wanted an island a little higher than countertop height.

Then we built a frame just the size to fit around the dishwasher

 Then we used shims to get to level and to prepare brackets for attaching the butcher block.

A level island is muy important. Notice I've done a few of the dishes.

Then while Cowboy put legs on the end. I started the process of oiling the butcher block. 

And then oiling the butcher block again, and again, and again.

The base of the dishwasher will be covered in barn metal. It's on backorder. 
Ah...the life of DIY. Check out more about the realities of renovation when our show airs on March 21st on Renovation Reality!!!

But this is why we do what we do!

What's your latest DIY project?

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh wow, it looks amazing and what a fabulous island.

the cape on the corner said...

wonderful! it can totally accommodate your family. we are looking to build a very small island for our kitchen...i'm determined it will work!

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