Simplifying - 40 Day challenge

As we recover from a Sweet & Simple Valentine's weekend, the word Simple sticks with me.

A Facebook friend posted the Zac Brown lyrics "Everything I need and nothing that I don't"

Another Facebook friend shared amazing photos of this 600 sq ft home.

We all crave it -- simplicity.

We pin it.

We share it.

We strive for it.

Here's another way to go after it. Simplicity is easier with less stuff! I wish I could call myself a minimalist, but I love flea markets and creativity and bargains to be a minimalist. But, I also believe in short-term relationships! So, join me in the challenge!

Really, the Keep It Shut Bible study and the Best Yes are really about much of the same -- cut the clutter so we can be intentional and full of grace!!

And don't forget to catch us on Reality Renovations on March 21st!!

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.

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