We have a date!

I don't mean due date, wedding date, or even date night ---
We have an air date: March 21st!! 8pm CT -- tune in to watch our Renovation Realities!

I still can't show much, but I have a few candid photos of what it's like to have a film crew come into your home and basically live through your chaos for a week!

Yep -- that's right. I vainly took selfies in the car checking over and over again to see if I looked even remotely presentable for the camera that would meet me when I got home from school.

Then all vanity goes out the window. You pile all of your stuff into a room. What you would normally hide from folks becomes their work station. Sorry about the blurry pic.

You stand with everyone looking at you and insecurely wonder how your hair looks after pulling down walls. After a couple of days you get a little more familiar and just start asking.

Even great slimming jackets like this become a pain in the neck! It has zippers. Zippers = a little clinking sound right by the mic.

You get pretty comfortable with people running things up your shirt. You forget you are on mic and you even wear them to the bathroom and pray they remember to turn the sound off.

Speaking of sound -- each little hum matters. You unplug the fridge, take batteries out of clocks, and on days like today -- you stop filming completely until the tractors done dropping off your bales.

To make up for your little annoying sounds -- you make cookies. 
Or maybe that was just for my sanity.

Sometimes you are supposed to look at the camera. Sometimes you're not supposed to.
When you confuse the two. You start over.

This pic was not really of me. It was of the thing on the dash. That's right folks. We had to take them with us wherever we go. Including through the drive thru at McD's. I'll be so thrilled to see myself stuffing in a McMuffin in front of the whole world.

I can't wait until y'all can see the real show on March 21st. Be sure to check into the blog to because I'll love sharing step by step how we transformed our family room despite our Renovation Realities!

From R7 to you--
Be a blessing.

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thepaintedapron.com said...

Lucky you! But terrifying! I'm sure it's going to be fabulous!

Miss Kitty said...

HGTV is our favorite channel! This is so very exciting for you and for US to be able to watch you and your renovation. I am writing myself a big note now to watch your show (hope I don't have to work that night).

Artsy VaVa said...

How exciting! Can't wait to watch especially now that you gave us a little glimpse behind the scenes.


Great channel HGTV, we have it down here even, on Direct TV.
Wow, so I might even get a chance to see you. Congrats and what fun and exciting all this is for you!
You look gorgeous, so don't even think about it.
Have a terrific week.

Kim said...

How fun! I bet that is one experience you guys will never forget! I'll be tuning in! :)

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