Cleaning, Organizing, Gathering

My style for organizing can be simplified to two words. Purge and gather.
I try to be smart about what doesn't need to stay, but with seven there is still bound to be a LOT of stuff scattered about. I try to keep it all in perspective and remember that ...
I WILL MISS these days -- EVEN THE MESS!

As part of Kelly's Korner - Show Us Your Life I'm sharing just a few ways we here at R7 attempt to tame the chaos that goes with our way of life around here.

Lockers made of wooden boxes act as little miniature lockers and an old hardware bin helps keep up with the shoes. I mean even if we each just had one pair -- that's 14 objects with laces and dirt...

And boots are a big deal so these are similar boxes going the other way to keep those lined up. The handled wooden box catches who knows what. 

Just like gathering boots and shoes -- I gather books and magazines.

Baskets also gather linens and placemats in the dining room. 

More places to gather favorite things.

An old toolbox keeps our cards corralled -- this is a FAVORITE family time activity.

Even seasonal decor and centerpieces get nestled together in a box. Then cleaning the table is easier. 
Just pick it up and set it to the side.

In the office a cubby with drawers and labels makes notes and bills a little easier.

I read "A House that Cleans Itself" before I even had kids and it's totally shaped my thinking. It's easier to change a space than it is to change people. So -- I look at where the messes gather and try to give them an easy way to drop their clutter rather than trying to get them to pick it up.

Bags designated for certain activities and outings also helps a little.

We have our fair share of clutter, but each area that we try to make a system for helps.
I can't wait to see what others are doing...

Other random cleaning tips & tricks...

When I get a used dryer sheet from the dryer or laundry basket -- I use it to immediately dust something. It collects the dust so easily and forces me to wipe something down!

I spend a little more and use stainless steel wipes and bleach wipes. Then any kid can help!

Pick a couple areas to keep clean -- for me it's the bathroom sink and kitchen sink. Keep those clean each day. When everything else is out of control -- you've got that under control. An old Fly Lady trick...

Use a daily shower spray. Just do it.

Keep it smelling nice -- oils, scents, candle -- whatever works for you!

My favorite: invite someone over -- you can clean the whole house in less than 20 minutes that way...

From R7 to you --
Be a blessing.


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