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In our culture, we send flowers to hospitals and funerals…we hope for them for special occasions…and we use them to say I’m sorry…flowers can fix a lot!! Ask any husband :)

My favorite way to adore flowers is in a growing container!!

Because I can only have so many containers in my yard before I look like a crazy plant lady…I’m sharing my l-o-ve with you!

But before I fix your flowers…see my work…

Here are a couple of containers I have designed:

For shade…
Begonia Basket
5 plant recipe

For sun…
Sweet Gerber Tropics
10 plant recipe

A “flower fix” includes a custom design, planting instructions, and a shopping guide. Plus…satisfaction guaranteed :)

To get started…email me at

You can also buy my recipes here

(An easy start is the five dollar flower fixer…) email me!!

Oh…and if you live local, I’m pretty inexpensive labor and would love to plant it for you!!

Or…If you live in a far away exotic, warm place…if you throw in travel expenses…I’ll throw in labor free! :)

Happy spring everyone!!
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