Pillow talk – decorative

I’m so tired this afternoon that all I can really think about is my pillow.  This pillow in fact…
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Ahh… the way it will feel under my resting head as I swing in the warm breeze outside during the few minutes left of the afternoon.

But before I enjoy a pillow for it’s BEST purpose…I have to admit that I was among the last in the world to give in to the impact that throw pillows can make. 
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Like everything though…when I do anything…I do it Big.

 I had one throw pillow in the house for over 5 years! Now I have so many pillows that I don’t even know what to do with them!  I am NOT hoarding pillows…just thoroughly enjoying them.

I’ve even given in to 2 talking pillows.  I thought I would never do it, but…I did…

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…now off to shut eye therapy!

Do your pillows talk?

1 comment:

Amy said...

Ha! Love your pillows! One of my upcoming posts is my newest whimsical addition, a pillow!

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