1800’s house foyer

I’m inspired to write this to participate in Kelly’s Corner Show Us Your Foyer Party. I don’t really have much of a foyer in our apartment although it has improved since we did this…DSCN1283


That’s the best I have to show how we took out two apartment doors and moved the wall back 3 feet to create an entry for shoes and coats. It’s only 3’x6’ and not very pretty yet so I’ll have to work on that and maybe it will look closer to these!

I L-O-ve these foyers and will purposely put an area in our home someday just for such.

550_101328022 mudroom-bench mudroom-ideas opt-mudroom-maps

Now back to the topic. This is a view the prisoner-like foyer that existed in the 1800’s houseDSCN2523

That shelf that I re-purposed for a bedroom makeover is 7’ long and seemed to say “don’t come in” which is the exact opposite of what you want a foyer to do – well except when the kids and cowboys have muddy feet. Truthfully though, the entryway of this farmhouse is one of it’s most enviable features for me. Look at the end of the jail cell there’s a hall to the half bath, garage door is on the right, and mudroom to the left. A dream come true for busy, outdoorsy families!

The first thing of course was to rip out the shelving and all of the old floors. Now standing in the entryway you feel welcome in to the whole living area. See where my handsome, hard-working nephew is standing in the doorway (if you have a 17 year old daughter…pray she meets a man like him – he’s incredible!!)…where he’s standing is a dining room entry. Just in front of that is a similar doorway to the kitchen. I made my decision on where to put the floors based on that kitchen door. I know for our family if we are in the house with our shoes on it’s because we A) forgot a tool B) need food or drink or C) need to use the restroom. I wanted wood flooring to access a family to be able to do all of these things without tracking on a plush, light-colored carpet.

IMG_1474 living room

I also painted the entire foyer the same color as the living room for a cohesive, spacious, flow.


Yes…10’ of foyer…15’ of living room. I L-O-ve it.


That glorious light is shining from the mudroom – glorious isn’t it?! This foyer has so many key components. A large closet just inside the door, a section of wall begging for a mirror/bench or table combination…access to all the key areas. So now you have it! An empty 100+ square foot foyer. Your turn…what would you do with it??


Anne said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Love your space, you are going to have so much fun fixing it up to be gorgeous!!!


Natasha said...

I love all the space. Wonderful.

As you can tell I am slowly catching up on my SUYL reading :)

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