Kitchen – WOW

Remember the dream date and these gorgeous hot pink cabinets?
Well, someone once thought they were gorgeous.

And if I’m totally honest with my white-cabinet-loving self…they still could be gorgeous in the right vintage kitchen – but not this one!

I bought these cabinets for $40 to go in the kitchen of the 1800’s house.

The first step in this kitchen was painting! I painted the existing tile and backsplash by using an oil-based primer and Dutch Boy Dura-Clean cabinet and trim paint in Ultra White.

Add in a new vinyl floor found on Craigslist for a steal of a deal…
Isn’t this corner cabinet just dreamy?
Now you’ve seen enough pictures to see the large, but long and empty feel of the kitchen. Where would you put the cabinets?

I waited for weeks to calculate where to put appliances once the walls were lined with base cabinets. (I wanted to leave the walls free of top cabinets to keep the open air feeling -and remember the house has  a great pantry, mudroom in progress for extra storage.)

So…did you think of this?
Changed the whole feel of the kitchen by creating the old trusted work triangle so to speak.

The countertops that we installed and had to custom fit around the chimney and to the non-standard, hand-made cabinets in the sink corner is a whole other post…but are you ready for this?


Are you sure???

Hold your breath…

Drum roll please…

Yep – that’s the $40 cabinets turned into beautiful island. (Note to critics: Yes I realize in this picture the base trim and end-cap are not yet installed in this picture) For a great article on painting cabinets that last without chipping, etc go here to my friend Aimee.

Come back for more on the 1800’s house remodel coming soon. For now…I have a little boy’s 5th birthday to celebrate!!

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Kayla said...

I love it!!!! I love counters/buffets that separate the rooms. BE-A-UTIFUL!

Katie said...

2 things:

I love, love, love the cabinets! And the whole kitchen! I like leaving the top open ... was the corner cabinet already there, or did you find it, too?

AND (perhaps more importantly), how on EARTH is your sweet baby boy 5 years old?! Oh my goodness that is crazy. Happy birthday to him!

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

Katie - indeed I ask myself the same thing! And the cabinet was already there. The paint inside was in good condition so I didn't touch it. Also, as you will see later I didn't paint the original sink cabinets either. Some will disagree but matching wasn't as important to me as leaving the feel of the original hand carved pulls and imagining a man working hard to get it just right for his lovely bride. I'm just a bit too sappy!

Tammy Partin Spangler said...

It really looks good! We have re-used old cabinets as well. Last week, my husband came home with a floor to ceiling cabinet with a built in wine where to put it!?! Great job!

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