DIY Roman Shade

Our master bedroom…ok…there’s nothing large enough or fancy enough to use that term. Our master bedroom is having an identity crisis.

It’s my fault. I realize now I have Z-E-ro pictures of the once well defined although a bit ‘cliche’ room.
Essentially the room was strong in rich, deep browns and splashes of a light aqua. Mirror over the bed and cowboy hats. This room was ivory and I painted it “Dusty Trail” which is a color I L-O-ve…

But then…I wanted this…Master bedding
So now I face the challenge of blending my oak furniture, brown frames, dusty trail walls and this!

I’ve been a little stumped but as I muddle through I know I need some more black and white accents, 2 new lamps, and new window treatments. I have always wanted to make my own custom shade. Since I can’t possibly make our room any worse at this point – I tried it.

I started with the existing, old, icky, annoying blind that was hanging there. I cut out all of the strings that are used to turn the blind back and forth and kept only the main thicker cord that moves the blind up and down. Don’t be afraid. Play with your shade – find out how it works.
Cut this one out
Keep this one
DSCN3436 Pop these off
Then it’s time to start cutting off all of the blind slats other than those you will want for folds in your roman shade. I kept 3 slats because I only want folds in the bottom half and my window is only 46”. I found I could cut out a chunk of slats all at once like this.
 DSCN3438    Next it’s time to fit the blind’s length to the window. Remember where you popped off the plastic disc? Pull that knot out and tie it to the desired length. You want the blind to come just below the window sill. If it’s too long you will have a very “poufy” shade
DSCN3442   Now because I was experimenting…I pinned instead of gluing or sewing.
I pinned the fabric over the top of the blind like this..
DSCN3447Then I pinned it around the bottom of the shade also
Now I’m NOT finished so my folds are very bubbly and uneven but it works…I pulled the string and it WORKS!!! The next step is to take the slats that I left on the blind and glue them to the fabric so that I have an even, straight fold.     DSCN3451I plan to hang drapes on either side so I will leave my edges raw but you could either hem them before attaching to the blind or glue them over to the back.   
DSCN3456 DSCN3457 
Don’t judge the ugly a/c. I’m very, very thankful for it this summer!
Now on to drapes, and fixing this mess ...

but first it’s time for a little Cowboy Love like that in the brown frame I won’t give up!
And supporters and skeptics alike --- share your ideas!! I need help in this room…

Linking to Share Your Life: Window Treatments at Kelley's Korner


Katie said...

What about using the burlap tie you used on living room drapes to tie in the country feel? Or (not sure how you feel about them...) but you can make some really cute drapes using brown bandannas as accents! ;)

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

I was actually thinking of burlap drapes the length of the window and then black fabric sewn to the burlap... And that bandana thing is just what our boys need in their room - thanks!!! If you think of more keep it coming...

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner to check out your window treatments.
I recently changed our master bedroom curtains from tab light blue curtains to chocolate brown blackout. What a positive difference they made.
I still want to purchase something for our patio doors. Maybe I'll get some ideas from my tour!
There's so many talented participants. You included.

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