Happy 5th birthday!

Today is my other cowboy’s birthday. We used to call him little man or little cowboy but now he insists he is just a cowboy. Not little in any way. After all he weighs almost 35 lbs. now!
I couldn’t sleep on Saturday night while he was away because I got an idea on rearranging his room. After an hour of tossing and turning, I actually got out of bed at midnight went in his room and started shoving furniture around until I was convinced it would work. (Tell me I’m not the only one who has ever done this!) Knowing that with a little persuasion (aka…lip-pouting and eye-batting) we could tackle his room in a day and surprise him when he returned home. Well…tackle we did!
Step one was run to town. That’s not literal…that’s what we country girls call it when we have to drive down the highway 20 or 30 minutes to find the nearest grocery store and hardware store. I decided if I was going to do all that rearranging that we might as well paint it. He informed me a while back that bright green suited his taste. I tried and tried to sway toward muted, dusty versions of green and blue, but cowboys stick together so I was defeated.
I know some of my young blog readers are still gaining their expertise at creating homes so I want to share my two favorite paint tips very quickly…spend money on one good “cut in” brush and guard it with your life. Put it with your make-up or your unmentionable monthly necessities where no one else will get there hands on your $15 paint brush. Secondly, you can leave these wherever you want, but start no paint project without them handy --- wipes up any oops’s in a jiffy!
Now where were we? Oh yes…I washed down this shelf I pulled from the living room of the 1800’s house. I know you are dying to see that living room but not today!
I put it on the wall where his bed was before. The open shelving is so great for him to be able to SEE what he has and put it to use. Someday I would like to paint the shelf also, but for now it’s staying wooden and rugged.photo

We removed his bookshelf headboard to give the feel of a daybed and open up the space a little.
Stuffed animals are always a challenge with this tough, tough cowboy so I used this old white store crate that I bought years ago. It’s served many purposes and is now the “cage” for his many animals.
The existing curtains (were the inspiration for adding blue to his desired green and the albeit generic the best toy sorter ever had to stay! The curtains by the way were the cheapest and simplest curtain EVER -- $2 sheet from the thrift store. Cut a little whole on each end of the top hem and put it on the rod!DSCN3554 The lamps came from our master bedroom identity crisis. They had a more grown-up and cozy feel.
Let’s look again…
  DSCN3523 DSCN3564
A few more shots if you wish…
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Katie said...

What a fun surprise :). I'm sure he liked the bright green wall best of all ;). I especially love the prints hanging above the book shelf!

Kayla said...

SO...... What did he think of it. Also, I'm impressed you achieved this in one day.

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

He loves it!! Today though he came out of his room a little frustrated and said "I just can't decide what to play with" :)

LV said...

I do not have anyone to rearrange their room, but I can tell you all about being up all hours of the night.

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