In His Time

I love the song In His Time. He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Today, though, I was reminiscing of our sweet Hudson and in his time! Hudson is true blue offspring. Stubborn and wild as his cowboy father.

I was enjoying the beauty of our large table today…


…and recalling the recent days when it was full. I believe in letting kids work out their own pecking order in most issues and they had decided from oldest to youngest they would take turns praying. Hudson had to interrupt the flow each time and I just know he loved getting the girls al worked up about his praying order defiance before meals.

So weeks later we board the plane -their first flight! It's around 9pm and we had luggage chaos and were finally staring at cold McDonald's in our laps otherwise known as supper. While the rest of us indulge or bicker, our man Hudson closes his eyes says thanks for the food and prays for a safe flight.

I am humbled.

I am enlivened with hope!

In His time.


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Katie said...

He is adorable! And kid prayers are the best :). Out of the mouths of babes! Isaac used to always pray "thank you for our sins and forgive us of our blessings..." -- we gets them in the right order now though!!

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